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RedditGifts Marketplace Closed

So RedditGifts Marketplace (was at closed with no warning, leaving the merchants stunned and without a way to let customers know where to find them.

Tiny Bee Cards was kind enough to setup a page to rectify this issue

Find former RedditGifts Marketplace vendors here (obviously the word reddit belongs to reddit we are just indicating that these people used to sell in the redditgifts marketplace which is/was property of reddit)

"This is a listing of original RedditGifts Marketplace merchants."

Session 2 Girls Vampire WoD tabletop


gun slinging in the west (California gold rush) on a train

Girls' Vampire WoD

Girls' Vampire WoD notes Thursdays 6:30pm at Fun-N-Games in Blacksburg

Paranoia Game Notes (mini campaign)

Dungeons and Dragons 5.0 Soul of Life Campaign - Session 1

Dungeons and Dragons 5.0 Soul of Life Campaign - Session 1 

OKC adventures with opening messages

this is why we can not have nice things (my profile lists me as not able to have sex and not looking)