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Racksburg Hackathon 0

We restarted the hackathon numbering since we are in a new office.

The theme was donuts.

It started June 27 with a BBQ at 4:30pm (with The Devotea USA rosemary gunpowder tea meat rub).

Each person got a list of ways to earn tokens (participate in an open source project, work on multiple hackaton projects, play rockband, etc).

despite photographs to the contrary there was more than just gaming going on (as proven by the demos).

I was sad that everyone was working at their desks, everyone used to get together in the RRR and be social. I hacked in the RRR with Satish and people came down to eat and play (we had the TV and hence the wii) but that was it.

There were over 300 donuts. I ate many.

Midnight standup showed some people had peeled off for sleep, but there was a pretty good showing. everyone was chirping around and needed no help
I only got half way in my project before i dropped out and dealt with real life.

Saturday 3pm demos were great!
My boss did a feature we have always de-pr…


2600 is in danger again, from outside forces being dicks "How can you help? We are not a charity so we are not asking for donations. What we're asking for is involvement. Help us to spread the word and get this resolved. If there's something we do that you like, support it or tell friends. Buy our new issue when it hits the stands in July - we'll actually get paid for this one. Make us Number One on Kindle. Let people know about HOPE X and get as many of them as possible to come to the conference. (Our growing list of talks is pretty damn impressive.) If 500 people buy tickets who wouldn't have otherwise bought tickets to the event, that would be enough for us to get through this without getting paid. Not that we wouldn't still be angry as hell, but at least we wouldn't be facing oblivion."