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So I tried Plated

I liked the way it was packaged. I was a little disappointed at how squished and icky the arugula was and how brown the cauliflower was.

I very much liked the selection of menu options (far superior and more interesting than Home Chef, on par with Blue Apron).

I enjoyed the format of the recipe cards, on par with Home Chef.

I found the website easy to use.

You can get 2 dinners a week up to 7 dinners per week for 2 to 4 people.

The filtering is OK but not as nice as Home Chef for allergies and preferences.

It is awesome they have dessert add-ons!

The meals were easy to make, less than an hour each, and tasted great.

This is a contender to replace Blue Apron - I will need to consider cost between the two.

Home Chef - Taste Test


The food

It was good/tasty, but not terribly unique or novel

The portions were diet sized - I would have ended up eating a dessert has we not made both meals (4 meals total) to feed 3 people.

I was disappointed in the need for specific odd sizes of cookery - not an issue I can recall running into with Blue Apron. So I fudged it.

I forgot pictures of the french toast!

Anyway. I think this box is better for beginners to the kitchen.

As I stated before though I much prefer their directions and website, so too bad Blue Apron couldn't use their software and backend!

To try


Blue Apron
Home Chef
Try meal kit below:

Take Out KithellofreshdeliverleanTake out kitterra's kitchen (Use code GOTK35 and Save $35 Off your first order.)PlatedPlateJoyMuncheryMagic Kitchen delivers pre-made, healthy frozen meals that are ready to heat and serve. ( MD takes the stress out of healthy cooking with well-balanced meals delivered weekly to help you keep your diet on track. ( you want to go locally I found this article ( ( that lists several options including Fetch Roanoke ( and Food Prep Service Roanoke ( ChefSun BasketPeach DishChefDayDinVeestroHamptons LanePurple CarrotChef'd - spoon universityFreshlyChef'dFresh Realmgobblesakaramarley spoonhandpicktake out kitfoodstirs

Home Chef - Arrival

Blue Apron versus Home Chef

I have been a user of Blue Apron since 2013
I am happy with it. It has improved over the years as well.

But I am never one to leave well enough alone.

Today I got my first Home Chef delivery.

Here is my initial thoughts. More to follow after cooking the meal.


Blue Apron is easier to navigate

Delivery Schedule:

Both allow you slight flexibility in delivery day of week

Food Choices:

11 choices at Home Chef, 6 at Blue Apron

Blue Apron appears to have more vegetarian choices,
Home Chef allows you to filter the options presented (vegetarian, low-carb, gluten-free) which seems best for people with specific diets,

Home Chef also offers smoothies and fruit baskets as two add ons.
Blue Apron offers a monthly wine pairing add on.

Home Chef allows you to get 2+ meals per week., chosen each week.
Blue Apron only allows a fixed 3 meals for 2 people each or 2/4 meals for 4 people each per week.

I do prefer the food selections on Blue Apron when reviewing this m…