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Job wish list


If I had a wish list for a job it would be:

A position I could research a problem, and work to resolve it, and able to get feedback it was resolved.I have enjoyed sys admin, tech support, and (technical) product management roles.I could work closely, or only minimally removed, from the end user(s). I enjoy the feedback of helping bring a persons server back online, to helping get their POS working again, to calling the end user that the bug they reported in the software is resolved. etc.A position I could document, diagram, and organize.I am queen of google draw and excel The position would not:
Have a high incidence of repetition (that I could not automate away)Have on callHave a high amount of travel The company the position was at would:

Have a generous vacation policy, that employee actually use to refresh themsevelvesAllows employees to have a healthy work life balancePermit for flexible work hoursCore hours are fine, but I am not a morning personPermit for work from home not 10…

Commute Plan - Back to InfoSec!

So, to get back into infosec I am going with the following plan, in loop


Find and read a thing on the topic (Blog, book, etc)Hands on (local gear, VM, cloud, demo web thing)Class, test or cert


PythonPowershellWindows server security optionsWindows desktop security optionsWindows Active Directory managementVLANsFirewall settingsPort controlsWeb-testing basics: SQL injections, XSSServer testing basics: ports, connectionsnetwork scan / port scanautomation of patching, WSUSpatch scanSQLMS-SQLDNS management in windowsDNS settings on registrarWindows IISWindows S/FTPRAID / SAN shenanigansSMTPSSLLoad BalancingDatabase balancingVMware (hyperV)Physical lock down (disable usb etc)Policy GroupsVPNnmapmetasploitsplunkgithubLAMP (apache)Add WMI, AppLocker, Credential Guard, Device Guard, and EMET/Windows Defender Exploit Guard to the list (recent developments or becoming more pertinent)

Action items

Action items Follow up with

Need to cull for videos and writeups related to medical devices

Community Gathering

Community Gathering There has been much talk that many of us go to DEFCON to see our friends, and it's gotten too large.
There is a desire to gather our people/tribe together in a smaller group, that is quieter (no loud music).
Things tossed out, cruise, a faux con so the business would pay, a unconference with no amplification just discussions.

Silly idea of mine - standup con / scrum con
What have you been working on, what are you going to work on, what blockers are you hitting?

Silly idea of a friend (will ID you if you want) badges that indicate if you are being too loud (turn off/deactivate)

Does this interest you?What are the most important factors?Can it conflict with another convention? (aka would this be on top of for you, or a replacement to)What price range? (aka figure out of cruise or cost a key factor)Anything else?Would including meals be a benefit or a negative?


All inclusive resort with large gathering spacesCruise where everyone was part of one group (for…

Hooking Up

Hooking up I don't hook up with anyone while traveling. I am worried I will end up hurt or dead. If I were traveling with friends who could check up on me I might consider it.

He has and it went well for him but I (sexist?) feel that's because males are less concerned about getting hurt when hooking up with someone.

How do you feel about this? (and are you female identified)


Drinking I had the following discussions with my partner, am I unusually paranoid?
I do NOT accept drinks from strangers, I mix my own or get from a bartender or a trusted friend only.
He thinks it's no big deal.

How do you feel about this? (and are you female identified)

Post Con Feelings

Con-Drop I have been trying to articulate and failing what con-drop is to me.

Below are my conflicting feelings about post - convention feelings.

The tweet summary was:
"Con drop hitting. Didn't see everyone. Saw many people I love. Too many muggles. Too long & short in Vegas. Too much & not enough seen/did"

For those who have never experienced this (burners call it decompression)

You have a "high" while at the event. It is new and exciting.Your tribe, your people, your community, you are surrounded by them! Instead of a small group among the crowd, they are the crowd!Your friends are there, so many friends (the longer you have been in the community). You mostly get quick meetings with them, and don't get to see everyone because you all are trying to do all the talks, events, and see all your friends.You are excited and always "ON", especially exhausting for introverts.You learn so much, talk about so much, it's hard for your brain to p…
Fast update

I am unhappy
I am anxious
I feel lonely even though yes I have friends and partners
I feel angry, my fuse is a bit shorter than I like right now
I feel stressed
I don't feel valued

I am in nearly constant pain
I am always very very tired and will fall asleep if not in constant motion
I find it hard to concentrate

I am seeing (multiple) doctors
twe're working on it see me for details

I have also started
-doing yoga
-going to the gym
-21 days of gratitude, sending notes to friends to let them know i value them


that doesn't seem to be helping so may try the post a positive thing each day?

I tried, and discontinued
-headspace meditation app
-melatonin just left me groggy the next day

many suggestions I got were to do repetitive mindless activities to help with the anxiety, but my life is full of those (tea packing)? and I tend to obsess easily so I am not sure those are best for me (farming …

Trying to be happier

What are the five key steps that we can take each day to increase our experience of happiness? 1) Bring gratitude to mind: Write down three NEW things that you are grateful for each day 2) Journal: About a positive experience you’ve had recently for two minutes once a day 3) Exercise: Engage in 15 minutes of mindful cardio activity 4) Meditate: Watch your breath go in and out for two minutes a day and 5) Engage in a random, conscious act of kindness: Write a two-minute positive email thanking a friend or colleague, or compliment someone you admire on social media Do these steps for 21 days, and you will begin to see a lasting shift in your mindset towards more positivity.
So I am doing #3 and #5


So I tried Plated

I liked the way it was packaged. I was a little disappointed at how squished and icky the arugula was and how brown the cauliflower was.

I very much liked the selection of menu options (far superior and more interesting than Home Chef, on par with Blue Apron).

I enjoyed the format of the recipe cards, on par with Home Chef.

I found the website easy to use.

You can get 2 dinners a week up to 7 dinners per week for 2 to 4 people.

The filtering is OK but not as nice as Home Chef for allergies and preferences.

It is awesome they have dessert add-ons!

The meals were easy to make, less than an hour each, and tasted great.

This is a contender to replace Blue Apron - I will need to consider cost between the two.

Home Chef - Taste Test


The food

It was good/tasty, but not terribly unique or novel

The portions were diet sized - I would have ended up eating a dessert has we not made both meals (4 meals total) to feed 3 people.

I was disappointed in the need for specific odd sizes of cookery - not an issue I can recall running into with Blue Apron. So I fudged it.

I forgot pictures of the french toast!

Anyway. I think this box is better for beginners to the kitchen.

As I stated before though I much prefer their directions and website, so too bad Blue Apron couldn't use their software and backend!

To try


Blue Apron
Home Chef
Try meal kit below:

Take Out KithellofreshdeliverleanTake out kitterra's kitchen (Use code GOTK35 and Save $35 Off your first order.)PlatedPlateJoyMuncheryMagic Kitchen delivers pre-made, healthy frozen meals that are ready to heat and serve. ( MD takes the stress out of healthy cooking with well-balanced meals delivered weekly to help you keep your diet on track. ( you want to go locally I found this article ( ( that lists several options including Fetch Roanoke ( and Food Prep Service Roanoke ( ChefSun BasketPeach DishChefDayDinVeestroHamptons LanePurple CarrotChef'd - spoon universityFreshlyChef'dFresh Realmgobblesakaramarley spoonhandpicktake out kitfoodstirs

Home Chef - Arrival

Blue Apron versus Home Chef

I have been a user of Blue Apron since 2013
I am happy with it. It has improved over the years as well.

But I am never one to leave well enough alone.

Today I got my first Home Chef delivery.

Here is my initial thoughts. More to follow after cooking the meal.


Blue Apron is easier to navigate

Delivery Schedule:

Both allow you slight flexibility in delivery day of week

Food Choices:

11 choices at Home Chef, 6 at Blue Apron

Blue Apron appears to have more vegetarian choices,
Home Chef allows you to filter the options presented (vegetarian, low-carb, gluten-free) which seems best for people with specific diets,

Home Chef also offers smoothies and fruit baskets as two add ons.
Blue Apron offers a monthly wine pairing add on.

Home Chef allows you to get 2+ meals per week., chosen each week.
Blue Apron only allows a fixed 3 meals for 2 people each or 2/4 meals for 4 people each per week.

I do prefer the food selections on Blue Apron when reviewing this m…