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Cooking: Korean Ground Beef Bowls and Ginger Apples

Making dinner based on what was in the fridge and googling

I suggest watching the video at at least 2x speed

Review FELINE GREENIES™ PILL POCKETS™ Treats Chicken Flavor

So my cat needs to take pills twice a day now.
We tried yesterday will the pill gun, and it was stressful for everyone.

So today we picked up: FELINE GREENIES™ PILL POCKETS™ Treats Chicken Flavor

Sadly although she sniffed and licked the pockets, and they were easy to use, she would not eat them.

Back to gelatin caps and pill guns.

Pill gun

Clear Gelatin Empty Capsules

Why capsules? many pills dissolve very fast and when fighting to get a cat to swallow them, or when they might spit it back out it might dissolve. also in some cases like this where it is so tiny, the pill gun isn't that effective so it increases the size.

Free Birthday Items

Your Birthday, when you get reminders of how many mailing lists and memberships you have.

Here are offers I got, not that I actually was able to take advantage.

ben and jerrys - $3 off cake and/or free single scoopLocation locked and frustrating, how do I update my information I moved!IHOP pancakesLocation locked and hard to update $25 offpinkberry free swirlDisney 20% offStarbucks - free drink - but now it's only the DAY of your birthday, it used to be any time that weekcinnabon free iced coffeePF Changs Enjoy a free appetizer (Street Fare or Dim Sum) or dessert of your choice during your birthday month. The Melting Pot - free chocolate covered strawberriesDavid's tea - free tea in storeTropical Smoothie Cafe - $2 offRegal movie theater - free small popcornKLM 15% off in shopHand and stone massage - 10$ offsalon true $5 off retail productClarkson University (Alumni) free thing i don't know b/c i can't loginZazzle $10 offPanera free pastry I took …

Organizing the kitchen

The kitchen has limited space so I went about doing some organizing

I am happy with the following purchases, we have more plans for later too

For the cups I got:
SALT™ Cabinet Shelf in White
I did end up switching where in the cupboard they were
the issue was, and still is, many glasses. we may reduce the amount of glasses in the future but for now it seems much easier to get at everything without havign to balance as many things

For the dishes I got:
SALT™ 2-Tier Corner Shelf in White
i hated having to pick up all the dishes to get at other dishes, i think i need a second one Also i ended up swapping which cabinet they were in so i could place dishes away when emptying the dishwasher without having to close the washer

we got 2 cabinet shelves at the local thrift store, t…

Temporary Color Care Ash Conditioning Toner by Blond Brilliance

Temporary Color Care Ash Conditioning Toner by Blond Brilliance

This was recommended in sally beauty supply.

Purchased for my purple / lavender hair to keep the color going between appointments.

As opposed to Overtone it does not seem as effective.

Beyond The Zone BTZ Last Call Hair Masque

Beyond The Zone BTZ Last Call Hair Masque

I went to Sally beauty to get something to help my hair, it's crunchy and fried (I bleach and color and abuse my hair).

I have been using it once a week and my hair is softer but not great, but an improvement for sure.

living room end tables

I noticed these nice end tables in Ikea Hacks

Idea from:

What appealed is they were small and had power

It's supposedly a TV stand

We got one for each side of the sofa
And the Ikea integrated USB charger

Works great for when you have limited space but still want somewhere to put devices and drinks

We are NOT adding the pockets for devices.

Also, bonus-they keep the UPS up off the floor and away from the rabbit. We may enclose the bottom to increase anti-bunny measures.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Used back of semi-sweet chocolate chip bag recipie, OK but not great, would love to improve this

harvest sour

harvest sour

Could not get applejack here in Canada
so used
E&I Apple brandy
Redemption Rye

Had to make my own simple syrup, none in the bar

French Toast

French Toast

During the holidays I love to make it with Panettone. This year I got a cherry and chocolate and almond one. It was a little *too* busy. I always believe french toast is best with not-plain bread though.

My go to favorites:
Challah (raisin)
Cinnamon Swirl

Jewish Passover Apple Cake

Jewish Passover Apple Cake
I tried to make it with normal flour, i didn't like it, everyone else did. I'll do it again when I have real matzoh meal