Organizing the kitchen

The kitchen has limited space so I went about doing some organizing

I am happy with the following purchases, we have more plans for later too

For the cups I got:

SALT™ Cabinet Shelf in White
I did end up switching where in the cupboard they were
the issue was, and still is, many glasses. we may reduce the amount of glasses in the future but for now it seems much easier to get at everything without havign to balance as many things

For the dishes I got:

SALT™ 2-Tier Corner Shelf in White

i hated having to pick up all the dishes to get at other dishes, i think i need a second one
Also i ended up swapping which cabinet they were in so i could place dishes away when emptying the dishwasher without having to close the washer

we got 2 cabinet shelves at the local thrift store, they were a bit taller and longer than the ones at bed bath and beyond
It increased our mug storage and made the pyrex storage a bit easier

Next was adventures in storing lids and baking trays, they don't stack great and waste space usually so I got some items from youcopia, i am very happy with them

YouCopia 15018 StoreMore Adjustable Lid Holder, White

YouCopia 15017 StoreMore Bakeware Rack, White



I may buy the wrap stand...

Next was Misc. Drawer! Moved some of the stuff to not air tight containers that were storing rice and pasta
So now only not tall things in the drawr

Last was the spice area, I have lots of drugs so we got dollar store bins so it was easier to pul AM drugs, PM drugs and his drugs, or grab spices, the cabinet is very tall and hard to reach and see in

and a bin for all the do-dads that come with the hand mixer

Lastly bins on top of fridge


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