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A tale of two interview processes

To be updated

vague on purpose

I am slowly / casually looking at jobs right now, not really in a rush as I am busy but I would like a return to stability for the right role and right company.

Company A

I applied through their website Feb 1 as many people raved about the product and after reading a little about them they seemed a neat place.

That Monday I get an email to respond to some specific follow up questions.
I did not mind, and enjoyed, having the change to answer some specific items, in the tool that originally collected my data. I do wonder why they were not part of the submission form to start, perhaps the system they were using was unable to ask Q based on role, or it was a workflow thing? Slightly weird but not offputting.

That Wednesday I got an email to schedule time with an internal recruiter. It was an automated tool you entered your free time into. It did not seem advanced enough to suggest times based on who I needed to speak with and their availability, but it was I…