A tale of two interview processes

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vague on purpose

I am slowly / casually looking at jobs right now, not really in a rush as I am busy but I would like a return to stability for the right role and right company.

Company A

I applied through their website Feb 1 as many people raved about the product and after reading a little about them they seemed a neat place.

That Monday I get an email to respond to some specific follow up questions.
I did not mind, and enjoyed, having the change to answer some specific items, in the tool that originally collected my data. I do wonder why they were not part of the submission form to start, perhaps the system they were using was unable to ask Q based on role, or it was a workflow thing? Slightly weird but not offputting.

That Wednesday I got an email to schedule time with an internal recruiter. It was an automated tool you entered your free time into. It did not seem advanced enough to suggest times based on who I needed to speak with and their availability, but it was I think better than typing them all out and specifying timezones etc etc.

When you got an appointment it was a calendar invite and link to join. I prefer this as it avoids making a mistake with manual entry and makes sure timezones are correct in your local calendar. I also like not having to call a number as I tend to use VOIP / Laptop as I travel and hate paying roaming.

That Friday was a video interview with a recruiter. We went over payscale (they offered range not asked me for mine, kudos) and I learned about the company and role.

The following Tuesday I talked to a person who would likely be my manager or my manager's manager. I had applied to a catch-all role and found out more about the specific teams with openings for my role.

The next day, scheduling again with the same tool.

The following Tuesday meeting with a peer, video conference and calendar invite.

Next up another calendar invite and video call this week.

Company B

Started the same Feb 1, only it started with someone on Twitter reaching out and asking for my resume (I think I had gone on a rant).

There were emails and exchanging of (emailed) availability.

Once we had a time that worked I got a calendar invite and video link (like company A) which was perfect.

Feb 26 talked to the potential manager, or possibly the manager's manager in a video call.

There was another flurry of emails and exchanges of availability.

Next was a phone call with a peer on March 6. Unfortunately this time there was not a calendar invite, and also it was we will call you on a specific phone number. Less ideal, but it worked.

Again a flurry of emails and scheduling for a call March 14 with a more senior peer. This one was a calendar invite and a video call with link so it was preferable. At this point though it's a litle weird there is a lack of consistency around video call or phone? and calendar invite or no?

Next up another no calendar invite and calling me at a number this week.

My take-away

I think sending calendar invitations always would be ideal.
I think consistency in video conference or call bridge or calling direct would be nice. and I think not calling people direct would be better.
I prefer using a took to schedule and imagine if it integrates (like some do) into their calendar system of choice it also makes it easier on them as well.
I like when, as most have (and I have when hiring) they start with the expectations and goals for the call.
I like when it's more conversational than triva answering (which all of these have been).


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